Henna Spa

Surrounded by the rich, opulent colours of the exotic East interwoven with the deliciously heavy scents of the Orient - a mix of freshly picked sweet Frangipani and Tuberose flowers blended with cinnamon and Cloves. The Henna Spa is a sanctuary for mind, body and soul that offers a blend of authentic healing properties, massage, spa and ritual treatments.

The six sumptuous designed spa suites provoke an intimate sense of calm where well-trained Balinese therapists perform authentic, sensuous treatments that awaken the senses. Whether you are choosing a Javanese Lulur Royal Ritual, where two therapist work in unison to create a harmonized equilibrium, a Shirodhara , an ancient Ayuvedic treatment or even just a pedicure, you will discover a sense of peace and calm, rarely found.


Beauty and Hair Treatments

Traditional Cucumber Facial
~45 mins

This sensual facial will leave your skin feeling soft and plump.

Traditional Facial
~60 mins

This treatment will refine your skin and reduce wrinkles. It includes a facial scrub and acupressure point massage.

Traditional Creambath Hair Treatment
~60 mins

This Hair Treatment gives a sleek and shiny texture for which Asian women's hair is renowned.

Manicure & Pedicure

~45 mins
~45 mins


~45 mins~60 mins~90 mins

Relax and balance your body's energy as it works to heal and maintain itself. In order to improve circulation, we manipulate the reflex points in your feet that correspond to the glands and organs of your body.

Hand Massage
~60 mins

Indulge yourself with this two-therapist massage. Choose between traditional Indonesian Massage, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu or Reflexology.

Hot Stone Massage
~60 mins

This deep and penetrating massage utilizes hot stones to relax as well as energize the body.

Kid Massage
~30 mins

Exclusively for kids (under 12), this gentle massage is an initiation and a revelation for all the kids.

Body Treatment

Volcanic Clay Body Scrub
~45 mins

A relaxing way to soothe, rejuvinate and exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft, and resulting in a wonderful feeling which will last for days.

Balinese Coffee Body Scrub
~45 mins

A rougher scrub ideal for male skin.

Traditional Javanese 'lulur' Scrub
~45 mins

The Queen of Treatments literally, this spice and yoghurt exfoliation and body polishing process has been practiced in the Palaces of Central Java since the 17th Cenutry.

Traditional Balinese Boreh
~45 mins

This Traditional Balinese Treatment was created for Men and Women to restore health, vitality and freshness.

Reputated to cure fever, headaches, muscle aches, arthritis and chills, if feels really hot.

Important Notice: The Boreh is not recommended for pregnant woman as the penetrative ingredients direct the heat away from the womb area to the body's extremities.

Floral Bath
~15 mins

Flowers are said to be the tangible link to the forces of the spiritual world, representing a symbolic purge of our earthly impurities.

Ritual Spa Treatment

~60 mins

Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurveatic treatment which induces a feeling of absolute calmness and serentiy. It starts with a mind-soothing Indian head massage to help relieve any tensions or stress. Followed with the massage of the vital 'marma' points to stimulate and energize the body system. Finally, to reach total relaxation, a stream of warmed oil is poured continually over your third eye which is located in the center of your forehead.

Javanese 'lulur' Royal Ritual
~120 mins~180 mins

This 2-hour Royal treatment originates from the pala of Yogyakarta, Central Java. It starts with a 60-minute two-therapist traditional massage with Jasmine Frangipani Massage Oil, follows with a 45-minute invigorating 'Lulur' skin scrub with tumeric, rice and jasmine, and a cool yoghurt splash and finishes with a 15-minute luxurious flower petal bath.

Balinese 'Boreh' Royal Treatment
~180 mins

Inspired by the Treatment of the Balinese Royal families, this starts with a floral foot soak and follows with a reflexology foot massage (1 hour). Then indulge yourself with a 60-minute full body Traditional Massage. Restore your health, vitality and freshness with a 45-minute traditional Balinese 'Boreh' scrub and replenish with a 15-minute floral bath.

Important Notice: The Boreh is not recommended for pregnant woman as the penetrative ingredients direct the heat away from the womb area to the body's extremities.

Mahogany Treatment
~120 mins

Begins with a floral foot soak, followed with a 60-minute traditional Balinese massage and ends with 55 minutes of cream bath hair treatment.